The Illegal Dating

Although young journalist and writer Muhammad Tahir is not the only one who made a trip to our country, the thing which making this journey different than others is his trusty eyes, which were looking at issues instead of picnic points. When this approach combined with his journalistic profession, the result was a book called ? Illegal Dating?. He put his finger on a main scar of the nation, which has been bleeding for 26 years, which is ignored by the east and west. Iranians' power, voice, wishes even personnel life, have been restricted within tall walls with the name of God. He found an interesting answer for his question of how the
most open country could change into one of the more repressive nations of the world. Searching for answers to this question, he met with the young people and understood that they found their own way to enjoyment in this environment where even dating by young people is considered a crime. I found this book interesting, not only for the world but also for Iranians, since it talks about the problems of each of us in very personal way. In this sense it?s not only a 'Journey into the private life of Iran,' it?s a journey into the heart of Iranians.  www.turkmensahra.org

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